Built in a wall, in a stack or in a row?

Our new "Bilb-eBox parcel box " is a secure parcel box and letterbox on the boundary of residential apartments, residential units, or Corporate Buildings to receive normal mail, or parcel deliveries from any delivery man or company.

Ideal for building into or through a wall also available with another door at the back, for the owner’s privacy and convenience if rear entry is also required.

The image above shows 4 Bilb-eBox Parcel Boxes built into a wall for 4 units. A shoe box is shown inside Parcel Box no. 3.

The image above shows a 12xbottle case of wine has been delivered into the Bilb-eBox.

Access for parcel deliveries

Address-Unlock Option: (For Australia Post and Courier Deliveries)

Leave the parcel box door locked as normal while you are out. When you return home you can retrieve your parcels at your leisure. 

See sample address and pin below:  

     Mr John Citizen.....................

     Parcel Box Lock Code: 123

     Unit 3   270 Smith Street...........        


     Vic  3000..............................

You need to tell your suppliers to deliver your goods with "Authority to leave" whenever possible under "Special Instructions" otherwise the goods may be returned to the depot. Australia Post requires you to open a "MyPost " account and make a choice to "leave parcels in mailbox (if size allows)"

Practical Features: 

• The "Bilb-eBox" has an A3 envelope slot near the top for letters and mail

• Access for parcel deliveries is through the large front door. For example, a 12-bottle case of wine can fit through the door

• Standard brick width and brick height means the Bilb-eBox can be built in to face brick (2 bricks wide X 4 courses high using standard metric bricks)


Practical Features:

• Securely locked so that others do not tamper with your post or parcels.

• Made using a much thicker galvanised metal than other letter boxes which means it is stronger and built to last

• No magnifying glass is needed to open our standard mechanical lock

• The "Bilb-eBox" has a stainless-steel louvre covering the envelope slot to prevent water ingress

• Parcels no longer need to be left on the doorstep or taken back to the depot

• No more delivery-men wandering around your property looking for a signature

• Mail and Parcels can also be accessed by the owner through the optional rear door 

• Can be easily used for parcel lockers in communal buildings such as apartment blocks and townhouses

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