Pad-eBox Built In

Built in a wall or through a fence?

A "Pad-eBox parcel box" is a secure parcel box and letterbox on the boundary of your premises to receive normal mail, parcels or grocery deliveries from any delivery man or company.  Ideal for building into or through a wall or fence with another door at the back for the owner’s privacy and convenience.

Practical Features for deliveries:

• The "Pad-eBox" has an A3 envelope slot and separate envelope compartment near the top for mail

• The "Pad-eBox" has a stainless steel flap below the envelope slot for the delivery of most small parcels

'  The  stainless steel Louvre is self closing to prevent being left open by pranksters and resulting in rain damage.

• Below the flap is a door which gives access to a large compartment for the delivery of large or fragile parcels.

• The "Pad-eBox" also comes fitted with a large rear door, giving you private access from the back of the parcel box

• No more missed deliveries and collection of parcels from the depot

Security features, Materials, Specifications:

• The stainless steel flap requires no lock code and is secure from petty thieves due to special anti-theft technology 

• Made using 1.2mm galvanised steel. This is much thicker than other parcel boxes which means it is stronger and made to last

• Both the front and back door come with a standard 3-digit mechanical lock, which both can be upgraded to the electronic lock


• The “Pad-eBox” can be used as a structural liner to build around in a gate or in a wall. Standard brick width and brick height means boxes built in to face brick (2 bricks wide X 11 courses standard metric bricks)

• High quality cream coloured powder coat finish comes as standard. 

• Option of adding rendered finish to the Pad-eBox for durability

• The rendered finish provides a textured surface that can be easily painted using an exterior weather shield paint.