Jo-eBox Pillar Box

Free standing pillar parcel letter box

Use your imagination to improve your property

A "Jo-eBox Pillar mailbox” is a secure parcel box and letterbox on the boundary of your premises to receive normal mail, parcels or grocery deliveries from any delivery man or company. 

The Jo-eBox is designed to replicate a normal pillar mailbox which are already installed at millions of homes in Australia. 

Many Features:

       The "Jo-eBox"  has an A3 envelope slot and separate compartment near the top for letters and mail

       The "Jo-eBox" has a special stainless-steel louvre aperture on the front for small parcels. 

'        The  stainless steel Louvre is self closing to prevent being left open by pranksters and resulting in rain damage.

       The louvre requires no lock code and is secure from petty thieves due to special anti-theft technology

       The "Jo-eBox" is made using a 1.0 mm Aluzinc Metal which means it is much more resilient to rust and made to last

       No magnifying glass is needed to open our standard mechanical lock 

       The "Jo-eBox" holds 3 times more than other parcel boxes

       The "Jo-eBox" comes fitted with a large rear door as standard which can be used for fragile or large parcels (or 3 cases wine for example) which cannot be delivered through the front louvre

       The "Jo-eBox" can be used as a structural liner to build around for a gate or in a wall

       The "Jo-eBox" can function as a standalone feature outside any home with a modern look or classical look depending on you preference


       Perfect for builders and large developments due to its easy installation and customisability

       To change the colour, simply paint the parcel box using an outdoor weather shield to match your exact colour requirements

       Your parcels no longer need to be left in bushes or on the doorstep

       No more driving to collect undelivered post or parcels because you were not home to receive the parcel

       No more deliverymen wandering around your property looking for a signature

      The rendered option is scuff and scratch resistant designed to give years of service

Many Choices:

       4 Choices of Jo-eBox Pillar Box styles; Square, Apex, Chamfer and Wedge

       An insulated liner is available as an extra to receive grocery deliveries. The liner does not reduce the usable space in the box.  The liner prevents harsh Australian heat from damaging your groceries until you get home

       An electronic lock (also with easily visible digits) is available as an extra option. This allows longer passcodes and can be opened using the RF master card

       The Stainless steel access flap for parcels drops down to accept parcels and closes automatically when released to prevent being left open accidently.

Specifications can be viewed on the product pages by following these links:
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