How do they work?

Watch a Video of the flap in action.

With today's booming online shopping industry it is time the modest letter box made the transition into the future residential parcel box for home delivery.

Australian Parcel Box has developed a wide range of secure parcel Boxes to receive letters, parcels and grocery deliveries from any delivery company.

Our Parcel Boxes include industry leading features such as insulation for grocery deliveries and an electronic security lock.

The Australian Parcel Box range is an affordable and necessary alternative to the dying household letterbox!

Parcels deposited through the front chute cannot be retrieved by petty thieves.  The parcel size permutations which can fit through the flap can be seen below.

Large or fragile parcels for example cases of wine (805H x 376W x 335D) must be delivered through the large door which requires using the code lock.    

When you first receive your parcel box set your own master code on the codelock. 

Leave the parcel box door locked as normal while you are out. When you return home you can retrieve your parcels at your leisure. 

See sample address and code below: (as per Australia Post **page 23*** domestic-parcels-guide.pdf)

     Mr John Citizen.....................

     Secure Parcel Receptacle PIN 123

     270 Smith Street...........        


     Vic  3000..............................

You need to tell your suppliers to deliver your goods with "Authority to leave" whenever possible under "special instructions" otherwise the goods will automatically be returned to the depot. This option can be used for all your deliveries if you choose.

Australia Post requires you to open a "MyPost " account  and make a choice to " leave parcels in mailbox (if size allows)"

***** Page 23