Australia post parcel lockers

Instead of having your parcels delivered to your home like you paid for, it is much easier for Australia Post to deliver your parcel to a post office parcel locker for you to collect ?
Many members of the public have complained on bloggs and forums on line that we the Australian public have paid vast amounts of money to have these parcel lockers built.

Instead Australia Post could have encouraged every home owner to own a parcel box and we would have had a real home delivery service.
Some of us are even sceptical about the poor home delivery and the publicity to use the Post office parcel lockers.
We watch from our houses as Australia post drops a note in our letter box and makes no attempt to deliver the parcels. Is this a coincidence?

The "signature as a proof of delivery" is now a double edged sword which is often no longer working in the homeowners favour, but now it works in the delivery companies favour. As soon as a delivery requires a signature the delivery man can now take the parcel to a " parcel depot " for his convenience and your inconvenience.
A few delivery companies would like to abandon their responsibilities to deliver at home and force you to collect your parcel mail from collection centres at their leisure and profit. 

Unfortunately the convenience of shopping online could be negated by the demand for a signature.  Always give instructions for your deliveries to be made with ATL "Authority To Leave" and own a parcel box.
We need to persuade "Australia Post" and some delivery companies that a barcode and a lock code on a secure parcel box is as good as a signature if we prefer. (the credit card companies now prefer a code due to signature fraud and to keep abreast of modern technology).

Show them which direction you would like to take by your actions...... Always give instructions for your deliveries to be made with ATL "authority to leave" and own a parcel box.

Receive your parcels at home if 
you own a parcel box and give ATL instructions.       or     Collect your parcels from the Post Parcel Locker