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Built in a wall or through a fence?

An  "Jo-eBox parcel box " is a state of the art, insulated, secure parcel box and letterbox on the boundary of your premises to receive normal mail, parcels or grocery deliveries from any delivery man or company.  Ideal for building into or through a wall or fence with another door at the back for the owners privacy and convenience.

 Free Benefits :
• Free rear door: The "Jo-eBox" automatically comes fitted with a free rear door which can be used if required.
• Free Stainless steel hinges ensure a lifetime of no rust where it is important.
• Free insulated liner  is incorporated to receive grocery deliveries. The liner does not reduce the usable space in the box and prevents harsh Australian heat from damaging your groceries till you get home.
• Holds 3 times more than other boxes.
• Barcode Proof of delivery is provided for you and the participating courier .
• Architecturally friendly "Oz-eBox" can be used as a structural liner to build around for a gate post box or in a wall at no extra cost. 
• Comes with a programmable Electronic Lock  to make opening user friendly and secure.
• Standard brick width and brick height means boxes built in to face brick can look good.(2 bricks wide X 11 courses standard metric bricks)

Potential :

 If Delivery companies decide to participate in our special scanner system  Jo-eBox is already fitted with the following :

• Internet lock means lock code automatically changes for every delivery without changing your personal lock codes.
• Free Email notification to advise you your parcel has arrived and the participating couriers details. 
• The last 30 transactions to your parcel box can be seen on your free Jo-eBox portal with participating courier name time and date.
• This is a free service and customers have no ongoing charges.

Size :

• The "Jo-eBox" has a special louvre aperture near the top for small parcels and letter drops max 387 x 230 x 60 which requires no lock code.
• The main door aperture is huge and the usable parcel size is (828Hx376Wx335D).  
   For example this could fit a weeks groceries for some families or 3 cases of wine, and still have space left for more.
(Please note: outer dimensions 966H x 465W x 430 D.)

Practical :

• Securely locked so that others do not tamper with your post or parcels.
• Your parcels are not left in bushes or on door steps.
• High quality secure steel box in rust resistant powder coated steel. Designed to give years of service.
• The "Jo-eBox" can be painted to suit your exact colour requirements.
• Environmentally friendly as it saves wasted fuel and time in postal collections or re-deliveries.
• No more delivery-men wandering around your property looking for a signature.

See Left:: Jo-ebox can be built in through the wall with a rear door inside to retrieve parcels, mail, or groceries without venturing outside or onto the street. 

Corporate or Residential Buildings :

Many Jo-eBox's can be nested together and stacked on top of each other to create a "parcel delivery area" for residential or corporate buildings. 
Not every tenant can have a parcel box so the boxes can be communally shared thanks to the programmable lock.  
A Jo-eBox can be programmed to change SPR code after every completed delivery. This system is used in Australia by some residential apartments.

Below: Free standing Jo-eBox bolted to concrete.

Jo-eBox built into corrugated fence with front and rear door opening.